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Album:Blank ProjectGenres:Trip Hop
Year:2014 Length:245 sec


I have a man, I love him so much
Sometimes I hate it, just can't let go
Together we stand, divided we fall
Driving me crazy, I need it all
On My 28th day he is my victim
He is my savior, he breaks my phone
The things that we say, all stacked in one pile
Stay fresh and good while upright I call

Two many times you come crawl, then say sorry too late
Paper cup regrets will not stick; better change

Need to be right, right to be wrong
Sometimes a loser, lost down the hall
Leave me alone but don't leave me lonely
And please don't look now, can you see this?
Does my ass look big in these new trousers
My ego won't let me, I forget
I feel so small, I hate you, I hate you
I love you, I love you, I love it all

Know where to run, know where to hide
Husband and wife, leaking perfection
All kinds of fun, oceans of pride
We're super, why? (We got protection)
We got protection


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