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MARK WILLS - I Wonder If he Knows Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:I Wonder If he Knows
Album:MARK WILLSGenres:Country
Year:2006 Length:199 sec


She don't like to stay out late
She'd rather be at home
Holding hands by the fireplace
I wonder if he knows
She likes moonlit walks on a seashore sand
Pickin' up shells with her toes
It's the silly things that make her laugh
I wonder if he knows
I wander if he knows
Just where her heart has been
I wonder if it shows
She won't let it get broken again
It took along time to mend
I wonder if he knows
She believes in a wedding band
And that the truth should be told
She's gonna need a one-woman man
I wonder if he knows
She can't trust a man who tells a lie
That's further than she will go
She'll find the strength to say good bye
Oh, I wonder if he knows
(Repeat Chorus)
Oh, I wander if he knows
Mark Wills I Wonder If He Knows


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