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Song:I Kinda Miss You
Album:Kiss And Say Goodbye: The Best Of The ManhattansGenres:Urban
Year:1978 Length:319 sec


Another sad day in my life
Nothing is the same since you've been gone
This old house is not the same anymore
I'm sitting and writing a letter to you

Knowing that you will probably never receive it
But I miss you, I walk by myself
I talk to myself, I sleep by myself
Ooh baby, I miss you

Dirty dishes in the sink, mmm, hmm
Lots of time for me to think
Didn't think, didn't think I knew the tear
It's been a week but oh, it seems like a year

This house is not the same, ooh, since you've been gone
I never thought that you would stay so long
You haven't written, woah, you never never call
I hope you're okay but that ain't all

I kinda miss you
I kinda miss you

Heard a noise, was someone else, yes, it was
Walked the dogs all by myself
I go to bed, I go to bed but I can't sleep
I'm so depressed, I can't even eat

We had a fight, woo yeah, I lost my head
I said some things I shouldn't have said
If you miss me, woo yeah, like I miss you
Come on back, come on back, let's start anew

I kinda miss you, I kinda miss you
I kinda miss you, I, you know, I miss you
I kinda miss you, mmm, hmm
I, I kinda miss you, I, you know, I miss you
I kinda miss you, you know, I miss you

Ooh baby, ooh, I miss you, I seal this letter,
I seal this letter with a tear, baby, I miss you
The kiss and the goodbye, I wish I could
I wish I could do it all over again, oh baby, I miss you

Oh, I kinda miss you
I kinda miss you, I kinda miss you
I was wrong, people are talking
Give me one more chance, got to want to


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