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1 Giant Leap - All Alone (On Eilean S... Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:All Alone (On Eilean S...
Album:1 Giant LeapGenres:Other
Year:2001 Length:472 sec


If you stay or if you go, I won't try, I won't hope
'Cause if you stay, or if you go, if you stay, or if you go
I won't try, I won't go, I won't try and I won't hide ... 'cause if you stay.

Despair, depression, feeling abandoned...loneliness, worthlessness, frustration,
Worried, doubting, vulnerable, forgettable, loosing self-confidence
Heavy, irritable, fear of the future, obsessed with possessions
Meaninglessness, friendlessness, fear of being penniless
No one to touch, loss of psychological power because there is change a foot.
Be with the change and at the same moment cultivate equanimity
Spaciousness, emptiness, awareness and clarity...may it be so.


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