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1 Giant Leap - Braided Hair Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Braided Hair
Album:1 Giant LeapGenres:Other
Year:2001 Length:246 sec


Yo we was talking earlier and I was telling you talking bout life I feel like life is like braided hair Its sorta like twist you know Bout braided hair like twist You know three strands twist together Ultimately you get to where you wanna get to From the same dirt from the heels of my ancestors The naked roads and the fields where the pain festered And I wonder where the hold came from In the deeps of my heart make me yearn for the drum It's the same place where the cross is burned The same place where the loss was earned It's the place where the floss was yearned Gold teeth and bling ice on the ring baby sure We've all got things that are hanging about Things that make us cool, Things that make us whack, Things that make us mad Things we wish we never had done But they're just the things that make us real Not the maps to guide where we go from here The road twists and braids our hair Until we all get there I like that I don't know some mysteries Ancient things and beginnings Excited about the day when I don't have to hear all the theories My scalp needs some grease It's the same place where the crosses burned The same place where the loss was earned The only way we all can learn Is if we have these braids with the twist and turns so Walking in the race of life Looking for my own pace Not always wanting to but I have to Sometimes feeling like I've bitten off much more than I could chew But the wind goes though my hair Lifts me up with ease not a crease Hair full of grease no weave embracing me It's you I see I am you and you are me I see yeah I am you and you are me I see We might survive as brothers ye


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